(WSJ) Evan Newmark–Mean Street: Obama’s Budget Can’t Save America

I wonder if Mr. Obama is at all embarrassed by the 2012 budget. Like his previous two budgets, this one breaks all those “Morning in America” campaign promises of a “new” Washington.

The 2012 budget also is a repudiation of the findings of his very own bipartisan deficit commission.

The Bowles-Simpson commission had plenty of sensible recommendations, like cutting funds for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, eliminating the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools and raising the qualifying age for Social Security.

But you’ll find precious little of this in the 2012 budget. At the White House, political sense apparently matters a lot more than common sense.

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5 comments on “(WSJ) Evan Newmark–Mean Street: Obama’s Budget Can’t Save America

  1. Capt. Father Warren says:

    BHO embarrassed??? You must be joking. What he has proposed is exactly what he wants and what he believes he can achieve. There has been enough written about what his objectives are: when you look at his submission in the context of his objectives, the budget proposal both makes perfect sense and is nothing he needs to be embarrassed by. The ones who should be embarrassed are the fawning media who take their story lines from the WH press feeds. True political love is indeed blind.

  2. Dan Crawford says:

    The WSJ is the handmaiden of the Know-Nothing, Do-Nothing Party. Why isn’t it touting their budget? BTW, just what is their budget?

  3. Tomb01 says:

    Obama to the people: I am aggressively cutting $100 Billion from the $1.6 Trillion dollar deficit!

    People to Obama: WTF?

  4. Capt. Father Warren says:

    [i]BTW, just what is their budget? [/i]

    Check out Paul Ryan for that answer.

  5. Don C says:

    [url=http://budget.house.gov/]House Budget Committee site [/url]