Pakistan Minorities Minister Shahbaz, Killed Today, Testifies to his Faith

Take the time to watch this video (at the top) made four months ago (it lasts a little over 1 1/3 minutes). When I saw it this morning on the BBC World News I burst into tears–KSH.


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6 comments on “Pakistan Minorities Minister Shahbaz, Killed Today, Testifies to his Faith

  1. Village Vicar says:

    Genuine sorrow for the loss for a genuine marturion. Lord, we pray for those who have murdered this man that they may be brought, like your servant Paul, to see the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Requiesat in pace, Shahbaz. Into paradise may the angels lead thee; and at thy coming may the martrys receive thee, and bring thee into the holy city, Jerusalem.

  2. St. Nikao says:

    Oh Heavenly Father, we pray for conviction of sin, righteousness and judgment. Please let the revelation of Your Son, Jesus Christ, The Risen, Living Lord, Who IS Love, Truth and Life cover the Middle East. Speak Peace and Truth first to Jerusalem, and cause it to spread over the world. HE, Jesus is our Peace with You and each other. Let Your face and light shine into hearts, minds and nations. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done. Overcome evil with Thy Goodness and Love. IN the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

  3. Confessor says:

    Two American soldiers were gunned down in a German airport today by a man from Kosovo. [url=] LINK [/url]

  4. NoVA Scout says:

    I cannot begin to imagine the fortitude it would take to be a Christian public official in Pakistan at this time.

    One would think (re No. 3) that Muslims in Kosovo would feel some gratitude for American and Western intervention undertaken to protect the inhabitants against Serbian oppression.

  5. Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) says:

    Anybody still wanna trot out the old horse$#|+ about Islam being a “religion of peace?” They stone 15-year-old girls who were raped by an uncle. They cut off the noses of young women who attempt to reject a forced marriage, and if those women persist in rejection they are quite often burnt to death for having dishonoured the family.

    Homosexuals are hanged, women who show too much ankle are whipped, on occasion to death. Converts to Christianity are condemned to death. Europeans who raise questions are stabbed to death.

    Everywhere Islam intersects with the civilised world, Islam attacks.

    It is a garbage religion, and its militant adherents are little more than rabid dogs. For the sake of civilisation we shall ultimately have to destroy them.

    They wiped out a flourishing Christianity across most of Asia in the 14th century, and doubled down on the job in the 19th. Not one thing has changed in their miserable excuse for theology over the last 700 years except to have become even more militant.

    This is not a clash of civilisations. It is a struggle between civilisation and … utter animals.

  6. Intercessor says:

    Oh yes…the Peaceful religion of Islam shows its grace again.
    Our prayers to the victims and their families for God’s peace.