Unrest in Yemen Seen as Opening to Qaeda Branch

Counterterrorism operations in Yemen have ground to a halt, allowing Al Qaeda’s deadliest branch outside of Pakistan to operate more freely inside the country and to increase plotting for possible attacks against Europe and the United States, American diplomats, intelligence analysts and counterterrorism officials say.

In the political tumult surrounding Yemen’s embattled president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, many Yemeni troops have abandoned their posts or have been summoned to the capital, Sana, to help support the tottering government, the officials said. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the group’s affiliate, has stepped in to fill this power vacuum, and Yemeni security forces have come under increased attacks in recent weeks.

A small but steadily growing stream of Qaeda fighters and lower-level commanders from other parts of the world, including Pakistan, are making their way to Yemen to join the fight there, although American intelligence officials are divided on whether the political crisis in Yemen is drawing more insurgents than would be traveling there under normal conditions.

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2 comments on “Unrest in Yemen Seen as Opening to Qaeda Branch

  1. carl says:

    Overhead in the Halls of Stately Wayne Manor[blockquote] “Holy Humanitarian Crisis, Batman. Civilians are being threatened in Yemen!”

    “Quick, Robin! To the Bat Bomber!”[/blockquote]


  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    The Joker strikes again.