(USA Today) Bruce Kluger–Has America lost that loving feeling?

…where is love?

An alien landing on our shores would be hard-pressed to answer that question, because, these days, love certainly isn’t front and center. We rarely see it on television, where “reality” shows like Jersey Shore and The Bachelor”” which purport to be about the human bond ”” are more about heaping abuse on one another or competing for affection.

Love isn’t on the Internet’s roughly 1,500 online dating sites, which despite annual revenue now in the billions of dollars, have reduced the mate-selection process to something akin to ordering off a Chinese takeout menu.

And, tragically, it has all but disappeared from organized religion, where the sacred tenets of compassion, charity and, yes, love, are often drowned out by the clatter of political posturing, bitter infighting and scandal.

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