(ENS) A message from Executive Council to the Episcopal Church

Jim Cowan, liaison to Council from the Anglican Church in Canada, reflected that he found the conversations concerning the Dioceses of Quincy and San Joaquin intriguing. He asked, “How do the dioceses that have suffered as a result of schism compare with those dioceses that are marginal? There are real concerns about viability, but where do these concerns mesh with plans for the extended mission of the Church?

He also observed, “We have talked about ‘pruning for growth.’ What does this mean to us? Pruning, whether for maintenance or for growth, hurts.”

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3 comments on “(ENS) A message from Executive Council to the Episcopal Church

  1. Rob Eaton+ says:

    That seems a nice way for the Canadian observer to say, “Why are you pouring some money into a few dioceses and not into other dioceses?” He could go on to say, “We pruned up north (and recently). Maybe its time for you folks down south to do the same.”

  2. Nikolaus says:

    I have family in Quincy who have sadly (IMO) chose to stay with TEO. Recently, they mentioned rather matter of factly, that there was a growing assumption that the diocese would be folded into the diocese of Chicago. I voiced my surprise (at the choice of Chicago, not that the diocese would fold) and they concurred but then noted the conservatism of Springfield. And there you had it. I am personally convinced that this assumption is being fed to the diocese by the national office through its puppet, Mr. Buchannon. TEO could care less about Quincy as long as the conservative party is eliminated. What the City of Chicago has done for the State of Illinois, the Diocese of Chicago will do to Quincy.

  3. nwlayman says:

    Nikolaus, go read some sermons by the bishop of Chicago. I’ve heard him preach myself; laughing all the while at anyone who thought the Transfiguration actually happened! You and they have every reason to be anxious. They aren’t being pruned, it’s treatment with Roundup.