The Bishop of Huron expects same-sex motion to pass

It’s “highly likely” Anglicans in the Diocese of Huron, which includes churches in Waterloo Region, will vote on same-sex blessings at their next decision-making meeting in the spring, the diocese’s bishop says

“I can certainly say it’s highly likely that something will come forward,” Rt. Rev. Bruce Howe said yesterday in a news conference in London, the seat of the diocese.

When asked if he thought such a vote would pass, Howe said “My guess would be yes.”

Howe made his comments just days after delegates at diocesan decision-making meetings, called synods, in Ottawa and Montreal approved blessings for same-sex couples in civil marriages.

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3 comments on “The Bishop of Huron expects same-sex motion to pass

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    [blockquote] Where? [/blockquote]
    A place with no few faithful Anglicans who are praying they won’t have to make the same difficult choices that have been and are being made by the orthodox in TEC. I’m praying for them, as well.

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    Then I’ll pray with them too.