Ulster Anglican parishes deny Catholicism link

Anglican religious group ‘the traditional rite’ today played down reports that members have asked the Vatican for a “full, corporate, sacramental union” with the Catholic Church.

The request, if successful, could result in some parish communities in Ireland – including a number in the north – being received formally into the Catholic Church, according to The Irish Catholic newspaper.

It stated that the parishes in counties Down, Tyrone and Laois could be affected.

They are part of the ‘traditional rite’ within the Church of Ireland who objected to the introduction of the ordination of women by the Irish House of Bishops.

Overall this could involve some 400,000 Anglicans world-wide, although only a few in Ireland would be involved.

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2 comments on “Ulster Anglican parishes deny Catholicism link

  1. Jody+ says:

    Although the media keeps referring to these congregations as part of the Church fo Ireland, I take it they are actually part of the Traditional Anglican Communion? I think we’re seeing some cultural baggage conflict with the theological and ecclesiological hopes of others within the TAC. As quickly as these folks protested, it makes one wonder how many parishes of the TAC still have enough of a problem with the RCC that they would refuse to follow the larger body into union if it became a possibility.

  2. Violent Papist says:

    I’ve been quite confused myself as to who these Anglicans are and who they are affiliated with.