A statement from Lambeth Palace

The announcement [found here at the bottom] of the creation an ‘Anglican Mission in England’ prompts concern for a number of reasons. New mission initiatives are, as such, always good news; and the declared intention of the spokesmen for this new initiative to remain faithful to the structures of the Church of England is welcome.

However, it is not at all clear how the proposed panel of bishops relate to the proper oversight of the diocesan bishops of the Church of England….

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6 comments on “A statement from Lambeth Palace

  1. Confessor says:

    The response from AMIE/St. Augustine Society:

    Evidently, this has been discussed with Lambeth Palace for over four years.

  2. cseitz says:

    This appears actually to be very similar to what Communion Partners proposed several years back: designated Bishops who would give oversight in dioceses, if requested, with the OK of the Bishop. How is AMiE asking for anything more than this?
    The name AMiA is of course close to AMiA, but the concept seems very different, both to it and ACNA.

  3. cseitz says:

    Sorry, meant AMiE/AMiA.
    The discussions with Lambeth about CP also go back many years….

  4. MichaelA says:

    Dr Seitz,

    I agree. It appears that ABC has steadfastly refused to appoint alternative oversight from within CofE that would be acceptable to orthodox evangelicals (and he has done his best to leave the Anglo Catholics in the lurch also). They are a major part of his *paying* constituency, so he was a fool not to listen to them.

    The consequences have inevitably followed: alternative oversight will be provided from outside CofE. The ABC could have prevented this. He has no-one to blame but himself.

  5. Chris Taylor says:

    From here: “Nor is there any definition of what the issues are that might be thought to justify appeal to such a panel rather than the use of normal procedures.” Come on Rowan, let’s see if we can’t guess what “the issues” might be! Hint, look deeply into the mirror!

  6. art says:

    “The issue is one of episcopal collegiality.” The ultimate irony: this has been the very heart of the matter since October 2003, and the ad hoc Primates Mtg. And what has been done to actually address a workable solution among the Bps of the AC? For failure to address this ministry of “oversight” and guarding of the Faith is quite simply the rot at the very heart of AC’s woes.