On radar: Bombs implanted in fliers

“Unfortunately, it’s not science fiction,” said Frank Cilluffo, director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University. “The reality is that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in particular has come up with creative means to disguise explosive devices.”

Known as AQAP, the Yemen-based offshoot of al-Qaeda has been credited with building the underwear bomb used in the Christmas 2009 attempted attack on a Northwest Airlines jet near Detroit and the bombs built into toner cartridges sent last December on cargo carriers.

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4 comments on “On radar: Bombs implanted in fliers

  1. libraryjim says:

    I tell you it won’t be long until we have to fly naked.


  2. NoVA Scout says:

    Shortly before the underpants bomber’s failed attempt, a terrorist concealing an explosive charge in a body cavity successfully detonated himself during an interview with Saudi intelligence officials. I think we just have to accept that there is going to be a certain level of mayhem from these types and that the worst approach is to set up an artificially unrealistic standard of stopping every desperate effort.

  3. Br. Michael says:

    That won’t exempt you from the pat downs.

  4. NoVA Scout says:

    Around the time of the underwear bomber in Detroit, an al-Qua’eda prisoner was interrogated in Saudi Arabia by a high-ranking Saudi governmental official. During the interview, the prisoner detonated, to fatal effect to himself and injurious effect to others in the room, an explosive device concealed in a body cavity. It is a very short step from that technique to surgical implantation of devices.