Most Hospitals Face Drug Shortages, Survey Says

The vast majority of U.S. hospitals have restricted the use of life-saving chemotherapy drugs and other critical-care medications in the past six months to cope with unprecedented shortages, according to a survey released Tuesday.

More than 80% of hospitals surveyed by the American Hospital Association reported they had to delay treatment, and nearly 70% said patients received less effective substitute drugs.

Three out of four hospitals reported rationing or restricting the use of drugs in short supply. For some drugs, such as a leukemia drug called cytarabine, there are no effective substitutes.

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One comment on “Most Hospitals Face Drug Shortages, Survey Says

  1. Clueless says:

    Yup. We run out of a drug and have to scramble about 2x/week nowadays.

    Unfortunately price controls = shortages. In Medicine that can be deadly.

    But this is the “hope and change that America wanted.