(AP) In 2011, 9/11 is marked worldwide with reflection, prayers

A mother in Malaysia greeted her dead son. People in Manila left roses for the victim who helped give them homes. And mourners in Tokyo stood before a piece of steel from ground zero, remembering the 23 bank employees who never made it out alive.

A decade after 9/11, the day that changed so much for so many people, the world’s leaders and citizens paused to reflect Sunday. But there were also those – including a former Malaysian prime minister – who reiterated old claims that the U.S. government itself was behind the attacks.

From Sydney to Paris, formal ceremonies paid tribute to the nearly 3,000 who perished from more than 90 countries. And, in a reminder that threats remain, Swedish police said four people were arrested Sunday on suspicion of preparing a terror attack as authorities in Washington and New York beefed up security in response to intelligence about possible plans for a car bomb attack.

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One comment on “(AP) In 2011, 9/11 is marked worldwide with reflection, prayers

  1. IchabodKunkleberry says:

    Why no solemn commemorations in Muslim nations ?