(Globe and Mail) Can you guess the top 10 digital tools in today’s classroom?

Ah uh–guess first–then take a look.


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3 comments on “(Globe and Mail) Can you guess the top 10 digital tools in today’s classroom?

  1. LogicGuru says:

    Yes and no. Some of this stuff works, e.g. powerpoint. Some mostly doesn’t, e.g. clickers (complete bummer, ugh). The bottom line is that teaching should drive technology rather than vice versa. As far as ebooks, good. But you don’t need this to put courses online since virtually all students now have computers. You put up a class website with the stuff for kids to download–read on the screen or print off as they please. This is “appropriate technology.”
    PMFJI I just monitor this site for journalistic stuff of mine it picks up. However I do also get tempted to read, and argue. However this stuff about classroom technology is a hobbyhorse of mine, I’m on the computers committee of my professional society, and very interested.
    There’s lots of stuff that’s wasteful and bogus, but other stuff that’s very efficient, saving time and money. E.g. library access to journals online!

  2. clarin says:

    Top ten digital tools for learning? Hands up for fingers.

  3. paradoxymoron says:

    Nearly all administrators treat technology like a cargo cult: they think if they buy this stuff that student achievement will magically go up. sometimes the novelty of it will trick students into thinking that they’re playing a game, but the novelty soon wears off.