Final Slate for Episcopal Bishop Suffragan of Virginia Announced

From here:

The Rev. Randy Alexander
Rector of Christ Church, Pelham
Diocese of New York

The Rev. Canon Susan Goff
Canon to the Ordinary
Diocese of Virginia

The Very Rev. David May
Rector of Grace Church, Kilmarnock
Diocese of Virginia

The Very Rev. Dr. Hilary Smith
Rector of St. Paul’s on-the-Hill, Winchester
Diocese of Virginia

The Very Rev. Shirley Smith Graham
Rector of St. Martin’s, Williamsburg
Diocese of Southern Virginia

The Rev. Canon Sue Sommer
Subdean and Canon Pastor of Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral
Diocese of West Missouri

You may also find more about the nominees in the committee report there.


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4 comments on “Final Slate for Episcopal Bishop Suffragan of Virginia Announced

  1. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    I was asked to submit my name to this search, and was politely told to beat it. If anyone wants to read my responses to these same questions, e-mail me privately.

  2. Ian+ says:

    You’d have made one too many males on the ballot. They’re obviously trying to predetermine the outcome in a certain way.

  3. Lutheran-MS says:

    I am thankful that the LC-MS has male only clergy. Women do not belong in the office of pastor or priest.

  4. C. Wingate says:

    OK, well, we’ve got the guy with the goatee, and while he doesn’t fill out the “shaved head” guy slot, he show promise of going bald. We also have the “good-looking guy” slot filled. We’re missing the “person of color” entry, though the “woman of indeterminate gender” entry (who apparently has to sub for the declared Lesbian– apparently they aren’t advanced enough for that entry) also covers the “Hispanic origin” slot. And we haven’t got the proper “woman with patrician hairdo” entry, so we have to settle for the optional “private school chaplain” entry as a substitute, who gets points for an outburst of Spanish (does Va. actually have any Hispanic congregations?).

    More seriously, can’t we get some better questions, like, for starters: “What’s your position on litigation?” and “Do you cross your fingers during the Creed, and if so, where?”