Blast Injures U.S. Soldiers as Riots Rage in Afghanistan

A grenade thrown by Afghan protesters wounded at least six American service members in northern Afghanistan on Sunday, officials said, as new details emerged in the investigation of the shooting death of two American officers within the Interior Ministry building the day before.

Rioting continued across the country on Sunday as anger over the burning of Korans by the American military continued unabated, putting the relationship between Afghanistan and the United States on shaky new ground. At least one Afghan was killed in clashes with the Afghan police.

A few details of the killing within the Interior Ministry were emerging, although many reports offered conflicting views of what had happened. According to three Afghan security officials familiar with the case, the main suspect was Abdul Saboor, who was said to have worked in the ministry for more than a year as a driver. The two American officers who were killed were shot in the head and the pistol used to kill them was equipped with a silencer, the officials said.

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4 comments on “Blast Injures U.S. Soldiers as Riots Rage in Afghanistan

  1. AnglicanFirst says:

    If a Christian were to become obsessed with the actual written/printed characters of a Scriptural verse on a piece of paper rather than the source and meaning of that verse, then he would be considered to be making an idol of the written symbols.

    My weekly church program contains Scriptural verses, when the program is no longer current and no longer useful, I discard the program into a wastepaper basket.

    If a non-Christian were to treat the Scripture in my church program with unintentional or intentional disrespect than I would expect that he would be judged for his behavior.

    But not by me, but by Him.

    Having said all of the above, my conclusion is that the Muslim rioters in Afghanistan are nothing but idolators of their scriptural writings.

    Nothing more and nothing less.

  2. Ad Orientem says:

    Al Qaeda is a shadow of its former self and is more or less broken. Bin Laden is dead. Our reason for being in that country effectively died with him. Anyone with more than a modicum of history under their belt knows that for centuries Afghanistan has been the graveyard of every empire that has made the mistake of invading that forlorn place. It is time to declare victory and leave.

  3. BlueOntario says:

    Perhaps we should just leave, but it will be much like we left South Vietnam. A few lucky souls get a seat on a 747 or the modern equivalent of a Huey and the rest are left to find their way through the pirates and rapists and murderers.

  4. Tomb01 says:

    #2 Ad: The primary reason we are in Afghanistan is that it was the base for the groups of Al Qaeda that flew planes into the twin towers. They were supported and protected by the then current government, the Taliban. We are on the verge of turning the country back over to the Taliban. Not sure I know what else we can do, and certainly are not a big fan of us keeping the current corrupt system in place with the blood of our young people.

    I agree, we should leave, but we still need to maintain some ability to continue disrupting the groups based there (and in neighboring Pakistan regions) that will attack us if they are left alone. Sadly, that probably means staying geographically close enough for our drone forces to be effective.