A Profile of Trinity Episcopal Church, Buckingham, Pennsylvania

In response to requests from new members, the rector led a series on “What it means to be a member of the Episcopal Church, what it means to be a member of Trinity, and what the expectations are”. Letters are sent to welcome new members and a welcome basket is given including treats, a mug, and other things related to Trinity. Then there are follow up phone calls but nothing aggressive”¦

Lucy [Amerman] says “There is always a balance between welcoming and stalking”. They are developing a way to formally welcome people into the church in between visits by the Bishop because 18 months is a long time to wait. People don’t have a sense that they belong to the parish until something is done to celebrate their membership. Trinity has been studying the issue of church growth and is looking at the demographics of the congregation and the surrounding area. There is a map pinpointing where the members and nursery school parents are located. They have asked themselves do they want to grow and if so, how? After a year of self examination they decided the answer was yes, and the way to grow was through their children, so that’s where they are concentrating their efforts. So far the results have been positive, with growth beginning and a congregation that is increasingly committed to its life as a community of faith in Christ.

Read it all (pp.2-5 of the pdf).


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