(Church Times) Baroness Cox calls for ”˜robust’ response to Sudan conflict

Crimes against humanity in Sudan and South Sudan must be stopped ”” or the British Government will be guilty of allowing the horrors of Rwandan-style genocide to be repeated, Baroness Cox has warned.

In the wake of reports of ethnic cleansing in the Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile regions of Sudan, Lady Cox told the House of Lords on Mon­day of last week that the Gov­ern­ment must take a more robust approach.

“After Rwanda, the British Gov­ernment famously said that they will never condone another genocide, but this is precisely what they are now perceived to be doing.” The “powerful intervention” by Britain into Libya raised questions about whether its foreign policy was influ­enced by racism, she said.

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One comment on “(Church Times) Baroness Cox calls for ”˜robust’ response to Sudan conflict

  1. MichaelA says:

    It sounds like quite a few of the Lords, and not just from one party, are speaking out about this.