(ENI) French faith groups hope for unity after presidential vote

“We don’t wish to express any opinion on the result, but there is a satisfaction when our values are evoked by the future president of the country,” said Muriel Menanteau, a spokesperson for the Protestant Federation of France, which represents more than 800,000 of the 1.2 million Protestants in the country.

The federation had held a meeting with Hollande during the campaign because of his support of secularism and had given him a document calling for a return to facts and accuracy by “leaders in the political, economic and social spheres.” It also implicitly criticized the targeting of immigrants and Muslims that had taken place in the run-up to the two rounds of the elections.

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3 comments on “(ENI) French faith groups hope for unity after presidential vote

  1. evan miller says:

    Interesting that the main Protestant umbrella group in France applauds the future president’s suppossed sharing of their values, when he cohabits with his lover and has children by his former lover. Quite the Christian role model.

  2. Charles says:

    Evan, I guess I’m confused. The French just elected a President whose role is political. He’s a politician, and since when has anyone thought that a politician is or should be a Christian role model?

  3. evan miller says:


    I don’t see any cause for confusion. It just seems odd that a Christian group should applaud the supposedly shared values of the President-elect whose domestic situation is a flagrant affront to Christian values. There’s no need for any politician to be a role model for Christians, but if he isn’t, his manner of liveing flargantly at odds with Christian teaching, he shouldn’t be applauded by supposedly Christian bodies.