Episcopal Elections Yesterday (I): Rhode Island elects Nicholas Knisely

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4 comments on “Episcopal Elections Yesterday (I): Rhode Island elects Nicholas Knisely

  1. Statmann says:

    Bishop elect Knisely appears to be a very talented priest with a great record back in Phoenix. Rhode Island will be a worthy challenge. For 2002 to 2010 , ASA has declined 27 percent. Bishop Wolf has made some tough decisions including the reduction of churches from 64 to 55 and also the Cathedral in 2012. Even more troubling is the 43 percent decline in Infant Baptisms and the awesome 66 percent decline in Marriages. And in 2010 there were 18 churches with ASA of 60 or less. More mergers/closures appear necessary. Statmann

  2. Sarah says:

    Ah — Nick Knisely, the guy who tried out the Shellfish Argument again recently — a testament to trite vacuity — and a supporter of same sex blessings.

  3. Fr.Gary says:

    Ordained for eight years, I was the new Deacon at St. Barnabas in Breckenridge, Pa when Nick was Rector in 1995. At a mid-week bible study an elderly member of the congregation said, “I just don’t know why Jesus had to die on the cross”. Nick’s answer was that basically we don’t know and its up to all of us to seek God for an understand.

    Sitting there wide eyed and astonished I told the lady the story of salvation and atonement. The whole time Nick mocked me by saying I sounded like various heresies,etc. I gave up the effort and went to the church office. A few minutes later, Nick waked in, slammed the door behind him, and said, “Don’t you ever tell one of my parishioners that Jesus died on the cross for their sins!”

    A few hours later we were driving In Nick’s car to visit shut ins. I asked, “Nick, you don’t believe in the Doctrine of the Atonement?” “I don’t know what I believe about it, he quipped back, “I haven’t worked out my theology on that yet”.

    One Sunday after reading the Gospel according to St. John which included verse 6 of chapter 14, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me” I sat down and asked Nick, what do you revisionist do with that verse? “We ignore it” was his quick reply.

    A fine candidate for Bishop of Rhode Island and the Episcopal Church at large. I wonder if he ever figured out…

  4. Bookworm(God keep Snarkster) says:

    So, the Shellfish Argument and Peter Principle all rolled into one–sure am glad I don’t live in RI.