Denominational divide grows among Charlotte’s Presbyterian churches

Presbyterian churches around Charlotte now face the same philosophical debates over Biblical authority and homosexuality that have cleaved other religions.

To date, nine area congregations have either left the Presbyterian Church (USA) or have announced wishes to do so over what they believe to be the liberal drift of the church.

The latest: Huntersville Presbyterian, which voted Sunday to dissolve its affiliation with the Presbytery of Charlotte.

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One comment on “Denominational divide grows among Charlotte’s Presbyterian churches

  1. Undergroundpewster says:

    This is big Presbyterian country as I found out upon moving here many years ago.

    A pretty well balanced article that takes in both sides.
    [blockquote] “Covenant Presbyterian in Charlotte will also stay with the Presbytery. The Rev. Bob Henderson described the ongoing changes as a ‘movement toward clarity, focus and simplicity … across all denominations,’ a theme that High also cited.”
    That is one way to move toward clarity and simplicity, let em go and it all becomes so simple, the movement can push on to its ultimate end.