Simulator shows young drivers the risks of distraction

One Simple Decision, created by Virtual Driver Interactive Inc. (VDI), one of the nation’s largest driving simulator manufacturers, seeks to modify driver behavior by showing drivers what can happen if they have a crash while driving under the influence or texting while driving. It combines simulated driving and interactions with police, judges and emergency medical personnel in an intense, 20-minute experience featuring a real judge, actual sheriff’s deputies and EMTs.

Harry Mochel, now 19, of Rye, N.Y., experienced One Simple Decison about a year ago at a private driver’s education school in Rye. “I’d been driving for a little while already,” he says. “My parents had heard about it and said you should try it.”

He says he was “driving” along on the simulator. “It tells you to start texting, so I took out my phone and started texting,” he says. “I ended up crashing into a stop sign and got into a head-on collision. It’s crazy to see how easy it was.”

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