Joseph Joffe–A German Judge Bans Judaism, Islam

A Cologne court has decreed that a child’s circumcision is “bodily harm” and thus verboten. Unless the German Bundestag intervenes, which it has pledged to do, about four million Muslims and 100,000-plus Jews will have to practice a central part of their religion in the catacombs of Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.

It is all God’s fault. “This is my covenant,” He ordered in Genesis 17:10, “which ye shall keep, and thy seed after thee. Every man child among you shall be circumcised.” The original criminal was Abraham, who laid hand on himself””without sterile equipment, let alone novocaine. Then he inflicted the same on his son Isaac on the eighth day after his birth, circa 4,000 years ago….

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5 comments on “Joseph Joffe–A German Judge Bans Judaism, Islam

  1. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    And all from a German court…imagine that.

  2. rlw6 says:

    Not so unusaly for those who think they know better than you. last year the CDC produced a study that recommended the same thing for the good old USA and did not someone in San Francisco propose similar legislation in that bastion of freedom.
    God please save us from the idiots

  3. Big Vicar says:

    Ven vill you people unterstand? Vee know betta.

  4. Ian+ says:

    I’m sure the judge in question is interpreting the law in such a way as to motivate the Bundestag to act quickly and legislate clearly in favour of the religions in question. Judges actually do that in some cases in which they can’t see any way to interpret the existing law in a way that won’t be called into question in future. And this being Germany, I’m sure they’re plenty sensitive to history as touching this case. But then I may be a bit naive sometimes.

  5. Yebonoma says:

    Isn’t it a fact, established through research, that circumcision lowers the transmission rate of STDs, such as AIDS? So we are terribly concerned about causing pain to a baby boy, or worrying about his future sexual satisfaction, but we will happily murder and rip unborn children from their mothers’ wombs without a second thought? Something seems very wrong with this picture.