An ENS story on TEC and the ACC meeting in New Zealand

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4 comments on “An ENS story on TEC and the ACC meeting in New Zealand

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Just see who has been welcomed to ACC as TEC’s representatives:

    1. The Presiding Bishop, serial bishop and clergy deposer

    2. Bishop Ian Douglas, loony liberal holder of gay weddings and campaigner for transgender issues, Bishop Douglas has come hot foot from the Disciplinary Committee where he certified that Bishop Lawrence has abandoned his office and should be deposed. He is on the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion thanks to a typically dishonest sleight of hand by Rowan and his bureacracy.

    3. Josephine Hicks, close friend and member of the Presiding Bishop’s Counsel of Advice, Ms Hicks is a member of gay-crusading law firm Parker Poe and apparently lately ‘married’ to a dead lesbian. One remembers Ms Hicks from her unsuitable and vindictive appointment by the Presiding Bishop in an earlier attempt to investigate [persecute] Bishop Lawrence from which her firm made her withdraw for gross conflicts of interest.

    What a line up – all the looniest liberals and what is more all of them involved with the Presiding Bishop’s campaign of Episcocide have been sent to Auckland and welcomed into the bosom of the meeting by Williams and Kearon.

    Remember that as you welcome and gladhand these Episcocides at ACC in Auckland and are instructed by Kenneth Kearon to “reach out to those with whom we differ”.

  2. Cennydd13 says:

    And TEC is free to spread their poison via their membership on the ACC? Ugh!

  3. Br. Michael says:

    It is quite clear that the leadership positions in the AC are filled by people who are as liberal and revisionist as any in TEC.

  4. art says:

    Thank you #1 for the membership line up; New Zealand’s own membership is little better it seems, all being positively ‘pink’. Many of us have little faith any more in the Instruments of Unity as a result of all this stacking of committees. And so, whither/wither the AC?!