(ACNS) An article on the Final day of ACC-15

Two ecumenical guests, Rev Father Paul Patitsas and the Rev Prof Robert Griben (of the six ecumenical partners that were present), spoke of their experience at being at ACC-15. Father Paul highlighted that they had attended as partners and not guests and had been encouraged to comment on issues and felt “embraced in love”. He expressed the hope that all might continue to “work at being one” and offered a personal appreciation of the ministry of the Archbishop Rowan Williams as an Instrument of Communion. He also spoke on behalf of His All-Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew who noted the concern expressed about the environment and also offered hope and prayers for Archbishop Rowan and for the selection of the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

Rev Prof Robert Gribben also spoke, sharing some thoughts from the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity which commented on our Covenant process and our Ecumenical agreements. He finished his reflection with the words, “We need you my brothers and sisters to be united so that you may be part of a strong ecumenical world, and you need us also.”

The ACC members were asked, “What is the headline you are taking home?” The laity shared their answers first. Garth Blake of Australia spoke of the great variety and energy at this meeting with so many aspects of mission. Lisbeth Barahona of Central America saw the work on justice and the elimination of violence as a key component. The youth member Sarah Tomlinson spoke of the “rebranding” of the Communion–that it was now deeply grounded in hope and justice. Suzanne Lawson of Canada the Anglican Communion “actually works and we are together.

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2 comments on “(ACNS) An article on the Final day of ACC-15

  1. MichaelA says:

    The third paragraph above says it all. Nowhere do any of the delegates mention the gospel, evangelism, the saving work of Christ, or indeed anything Christian. They could be discussing their local chess club.

  2. tired says:

    [1] That leapt out at me as well – a report from a nice service club. Perhaps as a part of rebranding, it could have a snazzy club name, such as the ‘Justicans,’ the ‘Diversarians,’ the ‘Amnestytomians,’ or the ‘Wewanisnoviolence’ Club.

    Now I wonder if these people have a religion…