(NY Times) Next Made-in-China Boom: College Graduates

Even if her dream is only dorm-room reverie, China has tens of millions of Ms. Zhang [Xiaoping]s ”” bright young people whose aspirations and sheer numbers could become potent economic competition for the West in decades to come.

China is making a $250 billion-a-year investment in what economists call human capital. Just as the United States helped build a white-collar middle class in the late 1940s and early 1950s by using the G.I. Bill to help educate millions of World War II veterans, the Chinese government is using large subsidies to educate tens of millions of young people as they move from farms to cities.

The aim is to change the current system, in which a tiny, highly educated elite oversees vast armies of semi-trained factory workers and rural laborers. China wants to move up the development curve by fostering a much more broadly educated public, one that more closely resembles the multifaceted labor forces of the United States and Europe.

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One comment on “(NY Times) Next Made-in-China Boom: College Graduates

  1. BlueOntario says:

    Is this the NYT’s version of a tombstone over liberal arts education?