(AP) Texas churches help congregants avoid the flu

Texas churches are taking precautions to try to help congregants avoid the flu ”” keeping hand sanitizer at the ready, telling them they can skip the shared communion chalice, and encouraging a bow, nod or even fist bump instead of shaking hands.

As people left a morning Mass on Sunday at St. Rita Catholic Community in Dallas, many stopped at a table in the vestibule to bathe their hands in hand sanitizer. Church leaders also are advising parishioners that they can take just bread for Holy Communion and skip the wine, which is sipped from a shared cup. During the sign of peace when parishioners greet each other, they can nod or bow instead of shaking hands.

“There’s a lot of head bowing or nodding toward your neighbor,” said the Rev. Edwin Leonard.

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3 comments on “(AP) Texas churches help congregants avoid the flu

  1. Anastasios says:

    Can anyone provide an authentic, verifiable report of a congregation ever spreading a disease due to the common chalice? In 34 years of ministry, I’ve never heard of one.

  2. Charles52 says:

    Roman Catholics have a tradition of restricting the Cup, which our dioceses is currently doing. The picture of Fr. Hawkins administering the Cup was interesting, since that parish uses laymen for that job. A fair number of parishishioners receive the Host on the tongue, however, which I would think problematic, as Father’s hand moves closely from mouth to mouth.

  3. Teatime2 says:

    The RC bishop here announced in the media there would be no cup and no handshakes. He suggested a bow or wave to each other. It must be interesting to watch a congregation bowing and waving, haha.