Bishop James Jones of Liverpool Announces his Retirement

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

It is with a sad heart but with a prayerful sense of rightness that I shall be leaving the Diocese on my 65th birthday in August after 15 years as Bishop of Liverpool. The Queen has graciously accepted my resignation.

I have shared these things with my senior colleagues, a number of whom are of a similar age, and this means that by going first I shall be giving my successor the opportunity in due course to form his own leadership team to take the diocese forward. As I made clear in my last Presidential Address leadership is crucial to the church’s future at both a local and diocesan level. A key aspect of leadership is the refreshment of vision and purpose in and for each generation. The next Bishop of Liverpool will be able to shape his leadership team around his vision and priorities for the future….

Read it all and there is a big Liverpool Echo article there also.


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