A.S. Haley on the Latest in the Ongoing South Carolina Episcopal Church Mess

…then a true confusion results: since the remnant group sees themselves as “the Episcopal Church in South Carolina”, and are indifferent to using the adjective “Protestant”, they could not distinguish themselves from a group which called itself “the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, also known as the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South Carolina.” The former group sees the word “Protestant” as outdated, and superfluous to their identity, while the latter group sees the word as referring to the tradition they still uphold, and hence as still descriptive of their identity. Neither group rejects the adjective as part of their heritage.

The confusion appears to be intended, and not accidental. The “omission” of the single word “Diocese” from their official title turns out to have been a sham. An examination of the remnant group’s Website demonstrates that it has not really tried to comply with the TRO, even after the changes made to it on the surface. If one visits their website and chooses the browser option “View Page Source”, the following lines of code are right at the very top

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9 comments on “A.S. Haley on the Latest in the Ongoing South Carolina Episcopal Church Mess

  1. New Reformation Advocate says:

    Way to go, Counselor Haley. So lucid, so persuasive, so utterly devastating in exposing the sheer silliness of our liberal foes. The PB really does sound delusional in her wild and outrageous comparison of noble +Mark Lawrence to the deranged Adam Lansa who shot all those kids in Newtown, CT. What’s so revealing is not just that she would say such a stupid thing, but that she could imagine that she could do so in front of her audience without provoking an immediate outcry. They really do live in another world, governed by incompatible values.

    It never ceases to amaze me how illiberal supposed liberals can be.

    David Allan Handy+
    (I do have a fondness for guys named Allan)

  2. Branford says:

    It seems as though Sewanee has now removed all names from South Carolina on their board of trustees list – http://about.sewanee.edu/trustees/board-of-trustees. Huuummmm. . .

  3. SC blu cat lady says:

    No doubt it is intentional to continue the confusion between the two groups. Just like the map of the deaneries of the TEc group is exactly the same as on the diocesan website. Also, the TEc group continues to have a list of parishes which include those that have decided to remain with the diocese. Now why would they list parishes that have decided to remain with the diocese of South Carolina but not are part of the TEc loyal group? Again, to continue the confusion between the two groups.

  4. Cennydd13 says:

    Has Judge Goodstein been alerted to the violation of her Temporary Restraining Order?

  5. Ralph says:

    Indeed, it would seem that even the senior leadership of a major university, affiliated with TEC, are confused about the difference between DioSC and the new diocese of TEC-SC (or whatever it should be called).

  6. SC blu cat lady says:

    The hearing is on Friday.

  7. Chris says:

    prediction: 815 is in for a big can of whup ( ) on Feb.1. The Judge will not be pleased….

  8. Cennydd13 says:

    7. Let’s hope that your prediction holds true, Chris. They need to get their wings clipped and their tail feathers burned.

  9. Ross says:

    As far as the metadata on the web site goes, I suspect TEC can plausibly argue that they didn’t realize it was there. Unless you’re a web specialist, that metadata is a moderately obscure thing to know about. And if they set up their site initially using a commercial software package, it probably asked them at some point, “Give us some terms you want search engines to pick up on,” or something like that, and they may very well not have known where that data went, or that it wouldn’t be changed when they changed the name on the site. I would be surprised if the judge smacked them particularly hard over that, although if someone brings it up she would probably instruct them to change it as soon as possible.

    As for the actual names… I don’t know. But it occurs to me that TEC can make the argument that, if the purpose of trademarks is to avoid confusion of the “product,” then if someone is looking for the diocese in South Carolina that is affiliated with the Episcopal Church, they are quite likely to be confused by the name, “The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina.”

    Yes, “episcopal” technically means, “governed by a bishop” — but when most people think “Episcopal,” what they mean is a particular denomination, of which +Lawrence’s diocese is no longer part.