Television Recommendation–Call The Midwife

Elizabeth and I finally got to this and it was simply lovely in every sense. Touching, moving, well acted and produced–it has all the hallmarks of a true story, based as it is on the diaries of one who worked as a midwife as it is–KSH.


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2 comments on “Television Recommendation–Call The Midwife

  1. Terry Tee says:

    Readers ought to know that the nuns in question are an Anglican order, the Nursing sisters of St John the Divine, before they moved from the East End of London to Birmingham. See:

  2. Laura R. says:

    When I saw the “Viewer discretion advised” warning before watching an episode for the first time, I was prepared to change the channel quickly. But this was totally unnecessary; there are graphic scenes, but they portray life in a way that I find uplifting and inspiring.