A website to Consider–A Glorious Revolution

A Glorious Revolution is the web log of Iain Boyd, Senior Pastor of Trinity Church in Myrtle Beach. The purpose of this blog is to assert a Gospel Centered view not only of the Christian life but also of Anglicanism. The Anglican Church was started when brave men and women were convicted of the truth of the Gospel and called for reform in their churches. Historically, our churches foundational commitment to the Gospel has ebbed and flowed, but it is our opinion that Anglicanism stands or falls on the pure Gospel of Jesus. The current divides in Anglicanism seem to be over the cultural tides of conservativism and liberalism. The Gospel is a third way that transcends these categories. Jesus is more radical than the liberals and more moral than the conservatives. So, we seek to call the Anglican church back to a Gospel centered life that transforms the world starting in Myrtle Beach. In this blog you’ll see frequent posts from reformers both within Anglicanism and without, modern and ancient, commentary on news in the worldwide Anglican Communion, as well as my own musings on film, culture, politics, religion, music and much more. I am happy to report that my good friend, Sami Al Taher will continue to post material here that has stirred his heart to a more radical commitment to Jesus and His Gospel. We will also continue to post material pertinent to Trinity Church under the categories tab “Trinity Tidings.”

See what you make of it.


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