(Scotsman) Queen Elizabeth's ”˜World War 3 speech’ revealed

They are chilling words. Queen Elizabeth II was to tell the nation that they were staring at nuclear conflict, urging the “brave country” to stand firm as it faced up to “the madness of war”.

The words were only written as part of an exercise scenario, but they give a stark insight into the British government’s mindset at a time of heightened tension with the Soviet Union.

Although it was only a simulation, the text of the fictitious Queen’s address ”“ supposedly broadcast at noon on Friday 4 March 1983 ”“ captures with chilling realism just how World War III may have begun. In sombre tones, it seeks to prepare the country for the unimaginable ordeal ahead. There are references to the Queen’s “beloved son Andrew”, serving with his unit as a Royal Navy helicopter pilot and the address by her father George VI on the outbreak of the Second World War ”“ famously dramatised in the film, The King’s Speech.

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3 comments on “(Scotsman) Queen Elizabeth's ”˜World War 3 speech’ revealed

  1. BlueOntario says:

    It probably seems like a silly time to Millenials who worry more about Tweets from the latest big thang and what features will come with the next iPhone. But, for many who were conscious, alert, and oriented at that time the Cold War wasn’t very cold. During it some gave all; all risked all. The nations with the power and responsibility took as many precautions as they could to prevent it, and to prevent the other side from having an avantageous first strike capability, but the threat was always there. And to a lesser extent, still is.

  2. Chris says:

    she should give the speech now, World War 3 is taking place right now right under her nose (the Muslims).

  3. ember says:

    The full text of the speech appears [url=http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2382211/Queens-World-War-3-speech-Found-archives-dress-rehearsal-disaster.html]here[/url], in the blue box near the bottom of the article.