Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop announces Archbishop of Canterbury’s planned visit

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori announced to the House of Bishops that the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will be visiting The Episcopal Church in April 2014 for personal visit with her.

“The Archbishop of Canterbury has contacted me and we are planning a private discussion next April,” Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori told the House of Bishops currently conducting its fall meeting in Nashville, TN (Diocese of TN).

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9 comments on “Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop announces Archbishop of Canterbury’s planned visit

  1. Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    I do hope he’s coming to bring the hammer down.

  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    No, he is coming with his begging bowl to collect his pay-off. Reconciliationâ„¢ costs lots of money.

  3. MichaelA says:

    Should be a hoot.

    Why do I think that ABC is not going to leave this tour with better standing than when he started…?

  4. MichaelA says:

    A couple of years ago, Katie Schori did a “tour” down under, and couldn’t find a single church that wanted to have her speak – and most Australian Anglican churches are liberal! Her antics are such that even fellow liberals don’t want to be associated with her.

    (Eventually the Primate of Australia gave her a one-night gig at a parish church in the outskirts of Brisbane. I suppose he had to, she being a fellow primate and all – difficult to make eye contact over the tea and buns at the Primates Meeting otherwise).

    But now she has an Archbishop of Canterbury coming to visit her. I am sure the attention will be appreciated.

    I expect she is still waiting for the invite to her papal audience. After all, since BXVI gave one to the bosses of ACNA and Gafcon last year, surely its about time PB of ECUSA got one….?

  5. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Maybe KJS will hand him some of the UTO stolen funds, if David Beers can spare them, or lean on Trinity Wall Street.

    #3 Michael A – welcome back. His standing is dropping like a stone having sent baby Canon Porter over to prop up her HOB meeting, and following a bizarre, arrogant and out of touch message to the GS Toronto Blessing as the Samizdat noted

    However, relying on those UTO funds might be premature. Not everyone is happy with KJS’s performance or that of her clown lawyers.

  6. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    #4 Yes, I am sure KJS appreciates being able to use Welby’s Quisling endorsement to prop up her position in this trying time for her and her authority. Her lawyers are not the only clowns in town.

  7. dwstroudmd+ says:

    Whilst reserving judgment until the event bespeaks itself, I must say this doesn’t look good on the ABC’s behalf in regard to Anglicanism. Is the CoE that desperate for money, PM? On the other hand, perhaps he feels a deficiency in his grasp of social realities and thinks Schori could teach him something about squids, backboneless bishops, or the LGBT?-ever-expanding-list-of-acceptable-sexual-deviancies, perhaps?

  8. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Oh the CofE has money, dwstroudmd+, but we don’t spend much of it on the ACO, nor on schemes for Listening, Indaba, Reconciliationâ„¢ and the like.

  9. Cennydd13 says:

    Unlike Mrs Schori.