Canada: Diocese of Niagara sells St. Hilda’s Church

….here is a portion of the letter from the Bishop promising to keep the church open:
“…We will be deeply saddened if a decision is taken by members of St Hilda’s to leave their Church and our Diocesan family but please be assured that we are prepared to keep the doors of this beautiful Church open and will offer every support and pastoral care to those who choose to stay.

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2 comments on “Canada: Diocese of Niagara sells St. Hilda’s Church

  1. Cennydd13 says:

    Hmm, since the city’s going to build that paramedic station on the property, wouldn’t it be appropriate to erect a memorial statue of St Hilda herself, or even better yet, a statue of St Luke the Physician? What better than this, since it’s to be used for emergency medical purposes?

  2. Mr.Toad says:

    The local residents are not too happy about the fact that a paramedic station is to be built on the property; see here.

    The local paper will be interviewing St. Hilda’s rector for his perspective and to reinforce the fact that the real St. Hilda’s has not vanished – merely relocated.

    David Jenkins