(Reuters) Controversial African bishop named fellow by Episcopal Divinity School

An African bishop, whose appointment as dean of a foundation at Dartmouth College was rescinded over his past comments about homosexuality, has been named a fellow at a Massachusetts divinity school.

Bishop James Tengatenga of Malawi will serve as a Presidential Fellow at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge for six months starting in January 2014, the school said in a statement on Monday.

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One comment on “(Reuters) Controversial African bishop named fellow by Episcopal Divinity School

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    I had been wondering which of his supporters in getting the failed Dartmouth job would step out of the shadows to give Bishop Tengatenga a job. Guess what, it is his colleague on the AC Standing Committee, TEC Bishop Iain Douglas of Connecticut. I should have guessed there would be an ACO mafia connection.

    Perhaps though, as he settles in with trangender activist Douglas’s money and serves under abortion [“is a blessing”] activist Dean Kathy Ragsdale, he might reflect that his source of funds has been enriched by the churches taken from at least 6 faithful Anglican congregations.

    Bishop ‘Bungabunga’ should think about who has been really paying for the position he is taking, that is if he has any self-respect or conscience left, and whether he is a fit and proper person to be chairman of the so-called Anglican Communion Standing Committee.

    Shame on you ACO too – are there any depths to which you will not stoop in your involvement with these continuing stinky machinations?