The Snopes Top 25 Stories which are not True for today

Check it out and please, please do not believe everything you read on the Internet and learn to check your sources.

Notice this one today–(#2) Facebook ‘No Religion’ Campaign


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3 comments on “The Snopes Top 25 Stories which are not True for today

  1. Katherine says:

    That’s a very interesting list. I read the one about Splenda and have sent it on to a couple of people. One of my occasional email correspondents frequently sends out hysterical forwarded emails of a conservative flavor, and they almost always turn out to be “false” per Snopes. I suppose the liberal hysterical sites also push nonsense, but I don’t see those nearly so often. Nor are Americans the only ones who fall for this stuff. In both India and Egypt I had friends who would read and believe and forward all kinds of wild internet rumors.

  2. Emerson Champion says:

    Snopes is a site I visit daily. In addition to debunking rumors (one of the latest is that [url=””]Fred Phelps confessed to being gay on his deathbed[/url]), they also regularly post articles that demonstrate how ineffective [url=””]slacktivism[/url] is. Though I once forwarded the Snopes article about the ineffectiveness of boycotting gas stations for day, and the person who forwarded the original email replied that perchance the Snopes people were in the employ of the oil companies. It would seem that some folks see conspiracies everywhere they look.

  3. Katherine says:

    Well, Emerson Champion, there are some “fact check” sites at various “news” organizations which don’t seem to check facts, but rather try to reinforce opinions no matter what. Snopes in general seems to actually check facts.