TEC House of Bishops concludes ”˜bridge-building’ spring retreat

Bishops are ”˜growing together as a house more deeply’

Read it all and you can find more information there.


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3 comments on “TEC House of Bishops concludes ”˜bridge-building’ spring retreat

  1. tjmcmahon says:

    Vice President of the House of Bishops? Let’s remember, this is an official, vetted by the lawyers, press release from TEC, not a passing news article.

    Does that make KJS President of the House of Bishops? Sure enough. There on the TEC site: “The Presiding Bishop is the president of the House of Bishops.” http://www.episcopalchurch.org/page/house-bishops

    Was the constitution amended in 2012? My copy of the 2009constitution does not use the word president, and there is specifically no vice president (at least not with right of succession), as it calls for a special meeting of the HoB to be called in the event that the PB were to die or resign while in office.

  2. tjmcmahon says:

    I like the comments about Taiwan. Now, in and of itself, I think it perfectly proper that TEC meet in any of its dioceses. The real question (asked by Mr. Haley, among others) is why a church which encompasses about 1/2 of 1% of the US population, needs a “senate” larger than the US Senate. How would you, as a taxpayer, feel if the US senate decided to hold a week of meetings on Guam, since it is a US territory, at taxpayer expense. But TEC has only 1/2 of 1% of the taxpayers the US government has, so on a per capita basis for the average Piskie, the cost of holding an HoB meeting in Taiwan is 200 times the cost of holding a meeting of the US Senate on Guam.
    My best guess is that the real reason TEC leadership loves the idea has nothing to do with it being the diocese of Taiwan’s 60th anniversary. The reason they like it is that pesky small rural dioceses won’t be able to afford it, and they won’t have many of those nasty old retired bishops showing up either. Perfect time to pass amendments to concentrate more power for the PB and focus more on rich urban dioceses.

  3. SC blu cat lady says:

    For a more realistic view of what happened at the HoB meeting, I suggest reading +Dan Martins blog, Confessions of Carioca.