(BBC) Sudan death row woman Meriam Ibrahim 're-arrested'

A Sudanese woman freed from death row on Monday has been arrested with her family at Khartoum airport, sources have told the BBC.

Meriam Ibrahim was sentenced to hang in May for renouncing Islam, sparking widespread outrage at home and abroad.

About 40 security agents detained Mrs Ibrahim – along with her husband Daniel Wani and two sons – at the airport, the sources said.

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2 comments on “(BBC) Sudan death row woman Meriam Ibrahim 're-arrested'

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Oh dear. There seems to be a little more information here.

    URGENT UPDATE. Meriam and Daniel arrested near airport. I’ve just had a message from the lawyers saying “Meriam and Daniel were arrested by the NSS from the airport and we almost arrested. There are now in the security office in Khartoum near the airport.”
    I know no more at this time

    Need to keep praying for them.

  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    It seems she is still in custody, notwithstanding what the State Department told the press yesterday based on assurances from Sudan – but it does not seem to be true. This appears to be the latest:

    Update 25th June. Meriam’s solicitor has just sent me this message.
    ““Meraim is still in the police station in Khartoum. They have refused to release her on bail yesterday where the we have requested them but they said that they need 24 hours for more investigation. The complainer is the national intelligence and security service. They have accused her of 123 and 97 provide incorrect informati…on where they have accused her Of obtaining a fake travel document. This document is officially issued from south Sudan embassy and the US and s Sudan embassy confirm this but they are reluctant to release her.”“

    and there is more from the BBC
    It would be good to continue to pray for her.