What is going on at the New York Times (I): Terry Mattingly

Of course, there are schools whose doctrines fit those now held by Jaycen and others whose convictions now contradict centuries of Christian doctrine. Should students attend schools where they can sign doctrinal covenants and then keep those vows? This issue is never explored in the story. Why is this student at George Fox?

Yes, it does matter that the school’s own community seems to be divided ”” anonymity is crucial ”” over these doctrines. This is common. That is why it’s crucial ”” in terms of journalism ethics ”” for the Times team to quote people on both sides of this debate, even inside George Fox and similar institutions.

Why not cover both sides of the debate? Because, under “Kellerism,” error has no rights, even if that means changing the basic rules of the American model of the press….

Simply stated, many traditional religious believers ”” even if they are long-time supporters of the Times ”” are being forced out of the doctrinally defined community that is the church of New York Times subscribers.

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  1. Ad Orientem says:

    Hi Kendall – elves,
    Can I suggest combining the currently five posts on this topic into one with appropriate links before we start racking up comments? It would make it a lot easier to keep a coherent discussion.

  2. Katherine says:

    I don’t even click on links for the NY Times because I don’t think they deserve the traffic. It has stopped being a newspaper and is now a leftist opinion journal, with the exception of Ross Douthat.