Anglican Essentials Canada: Correction of misinformation about women’s ordination

Some recent media stories have implied that women’s ordination is somehow an issue in the current crisis in the Canadian Anglican church. It is not.

While the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone currently does not practice women’s ordination, the North American churches which have sought and received refuge under the Primate of the Southern Cone are completely free to practice their consciences on this matter.

Of the eight clerics currently licenced by Anglican Network in Canada moderator Bishop Donald Harvey under the jurisdiction of the Province of the Southern Cone, three are women, including the Rev Desiree Stedman (Ottawa) who holds the prestigious role of assistant to Bishop Harvey.

The real issue is theological: the profound differences on key Christian teachings and the irreconcilable views of the Bible. Even to say the issue is sexuality is a gross simplification. Sexual ethics is merely the tip of the iceberg, a reflection of much deeper theological constructs.

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7 comments on “Anglican Essentials Canada: Correction of misinformation about women’s ordination

  1. robroy says:

    “The real issue is theological.” And women’s ordination isn’t? I hope that Dr. Tighe doesn’t see that one. It would be a source of a major migraine headache. Probably he would have to take the entire day off.

  2. jamesw says:

    Having come out of the Anglican Church of Canada, and being in conservative circles there, it was my distinct impression that the issue of women’s ordination in Canada is much, much less of an issue there amongst conservatives then it is in the USA. To the best of my knowledge there is no Forward-in-Faith equivalent in Canada.

  3. Dr. William Tighe says:

    Mo migrane headache, thanks; just a confirmation of my long-held and well-founded belief that the concept of “Anglican orthodoxy” makes just about as much sense as that of “a round triangle.”

  4. seitz says:

    There is the anglo-catholic collective centred around Robert Crouse in Halifax and they judged themselves an early member of Essentials. They are opposed to WO. They see it as more central an issue than evangelicals see SSBs (cf #3). Or at least one leader has so stated in my presence.

  5. RazorbackPadre says:

    No wonder all my liberal friends are sure they will win in the long run. If “two integrities” is the best “theology” conservatives can produce (IMHO, the stupidest argument I have ever read) then conservative Anglicanism is a myth.

  6. rugbyplayingpriest says:

    If the orthodox break and carry the cancer into the new body then Anglicanism is DEAD.

    Think about it- both WO and the gay issue are both symptoms of the same disease. The desire to reinterpret scripture and tradition to fit what we would like God to say. (As opposed to receving God’s word and moulding our lives to fit it)

    Neither women priests OR active homsoexual bishops can be upheld by reason, scripture and tradition. Thus they cannot be given license.

  7. Doug Martin says:

    Makes sense to me. They obviously don’t fall under SoCo’s canons, or if they do they will make a temporary exception.