(Get Religion) Terry Mattingly–Star-Telegram coverage of Anglican Wars needs Work

This reference makes it sound as if the tradition of properties being controlled by the local diocese is a brand new concept, created by Iker and company in the very recent past. Did those ordinances “declare” this fact or affirm older traditions? Stop and think about it: Why was there such a bitter battle in Denver back in 1979 when the national church took the unusual step of creating and passing the Dennis Canon?

As always, I am not saying that journalists need to agree with Iker, or with High for that matter. The key is to understand the arguments being made by experts on both sides.

The bottom line: When dealing with Anglican controversies, it always helps to include specific dates in the timeline, while also remembering that these battles are being fought at the local, regional, national and global levels.

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4 comments on “(Get Religion) Terry Mattingly–Star-Telegram coverage of Anglican Wars needs Work

  1. Luke says:

    Going as far back as when first, Dean Pike, and then later, others including Bishop Spong, began challenging the gospel as delivered to us by the saints, I doubt I’ve seen one in twenty who have written news stories about the Episcopal Church to be both erudite and inclusive on the issues.

    Of course, the post of Religion Writer at any publication seldom attracts the best reporters/writers, it’s not atypical for those who hold the place to pass it on to another ASAP.

  2. Jim the Puritan says:

    I’ve heard multiple times that there is no record the Dennis Canon ever actually passed General Convention. It’s just treated that way, without any record to substantiate that. Is this an urban legend, or does it have validity to it?

  3. Katherine says:

    Jim the Puritan, see [url=https://geoconger.wordpress.com/the-dennis-canon-updated/]here[/url], link from the Get Religion article. George Conger says he believes archival evidence of proper passage of the Dennis Canon does not exist.

  4. Jim the Puritan says:

    Thanks, Katherine, it’s amazing the the Episcopal Church can do all it has done to go after churches and dioceses, and there is no clear legal right under their own documents they can do so.

    Similar to the PCUSA passing an “authoritative interpretation” allowing gay “marriage,” when it is clearly prohibited by all of its organic documents. (Although that may be moot if the majority of presbyteries ratify a overture authorizing such ceremonies.) But PCUSA has been rapidly emptying out–churches are getting out while they can; at some point PCUSA will probably try to slam the door like the Episcopal Church has.