(CEN) South Africa Anglican Bishops divided over same-sex blessings

The House of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa has been unable to come to a common mind on the issue of… [same-sex] blessings, but have agreed to continue dialogue on the issue in preparation for the 2016 Provincial Synod.

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One comment on “(CEN) South Africa Anglican Bishops divided over same-sex blessings

  1. Sarah1 says:

    Sad that they are listening to Janet Trisk, who is a member of an organization which doesn’t believe that God exists except as a human construct.

    “SoF is most closely associated with the non-realist approach to religion. This refers to the belief that God has no ‘real’, objective or empirical existence, independent of human language and culture; God is ‘real’ in the sense that he is a potent symbol, metaphor or projection, but He has no objective existence outside and beyond the practice of religion. Non-realism therefore entails a rejection of all supernaturalism – miracles, afterlife and the agency of spirits.

    ‘God is the sum of our values, representing to us their ideal unity, their claims upon us and their creative power’. (Taking Leave of God, Don Cupitt, SCM, 1980)

    Cupitt calls this ‘a voluntarist interpretation of faith’: ‘a fully demythologized version of Christianity’. It entails the claim that even after we have given up the idea that religious beliefs can be grounded in anything beyond the human realm, religion can still be believed and practiced in new ways.”