Is a Lean Economy Turning Mean?

Nicole Flennaugh has a college degree, office experience and the modest expectation that, somewhere in this city on the eastern lip of San Francisco Bay, someone will want to hire her.

But Ms. Flennaugh, 36, a widow, cannot secure steady, decent-paying work to support herself and her two daughters. Nearly two years after she was laid off as a customer service representative at the Educational Testing Service, and even after applying for dozens of full-time jobs, she has been getting by with occasional stints as an office temp.

“You’re used to making $17 an hour with benefits, and now you have to take any job for $8 an hour,” Ms. Flennaugh says. On a recent afternoon, she sat in front of a computer terminal at an employment center in a gritty part of town, scrolling dejectedly through online job listings while sending another batch of applications into the ether.

“I’ve literally sat and cried, but my friends with double degrees are doing worse,” she says. “It’s the economy. It’s really bad.”

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2 comments on “Is a Lean Economy Turning Mean?

  1. Dave C. says:

    Maybe she should look for a city government job so that she can get in on the $2 million / year the city spends on global warming advocacy:

  2. Sick & Tired of Nuance says:

    But, but…we have a Democrat controlled Senate and House of Representatives! Everything is supposed to be wonderful now.