(SF) Another Southern Episcopal Bishop Rejects the Gospel, Allows Same Sex Blessings

Choosing to allow same sex blessings within their diocese is the revisionist activist bishops’ way of pleasing their allies in the clergy, while enacting their own particular custom-little-ideology on the diocese, and at the same time trying to keep conservative parishioners in the pews with their money of course flowing to the diocesan budget by claiming “generosity” and “gracious space.”

There is no outcry for same sex blessings in any of these dioceses. The number of partnered gay persons who desire same sex blessings””even in Episcopal dioceses here in the South””is practically negligible, as our own diocesan survey demonstrated and as all of us, each in our own parishes, recognize.

No, these dioceses merely have bishops and clergy who are revisionist activists in their ideology and their particular custom little-gospel””a little-gospel that is so important to them that they are willing to divide the diocese over it””and who are determined to force their particular faith on their dioceses.

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