Deadline Looms for California Districts to Layoff Teachers

School districts across California are reeling because of millions of dollars of proposed education cuts in Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s budget. March 15 is the deadline to give teachers layoff notices, and thousands of them will go out across the state. A particularly hard-hit school district offers a look at the reality of the cuts.

Listen to it all from NPR. This is a good illustration of how the economy’s weakness is hitting home at the local level. Note carefully the profile of one district which has sent layoff notices to 20% of its teachers, and one school which has laid off 9 or its 12 teachers–KSH.


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4 comments on “Deadline Looms for California Districts to Layoff Teachers

  1. Words Matter says:

    And they also outlaw home-schooling…

  2. Cennydd says:

    The home-schooling issue is about to be dragged through the courts, and personally, I think the state should stay out of it.

  3. Little Cabbage says:

    Gang, please, don’t drink the Kool-aid on the home-schooling in Calif issue. The case was extremely arcane and extremely limited. Nothing is going to change in Calif because of it. It is being deliberately misinterpreted by Focus on the Family, et al, to RAISE MONEY FROM YOU. Keeping the ‘base’ stirred up and emotional is always good for fund-raising letters. Check out the facts before you foment. Canon Harmon ran a thread on this topic; perhaps it should be repeated?

  4. Words Matter says:

    Possibly, L. Cabbage, but ABCNews is right now doing a feature on it and they seem to think the ruling matters. I’ve read the claim that the ruling is limited and, as you say, arcane. Here’s my question: will the ruling, no matter how limited, be a deterrent to home-schooling?

    And, for the record, I’m neither a contributor to, nor a fan of, Dr. Dobson.