Anglican Communion Network Bishops Meeting Announced

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5 comments on “Anglican Communion Network Bishops Meeting Announced

  1. Dan Tuton+ says:

    “(The Diocese of the Rio Grande took a number of steps toward affiliation. However, their status was never completely clear.)”
    Does anyone know about this? I was under the impression that we have been members for several years.

  2. deanreed says:

    Your standing committee and maybe executive council voted to affilitate as did the Bishop, but then it never made it to diocesan convention. So DRG has lived in a kind of gray area where the Bishop would attend Bishop’s meetings and you have a steering committee member and delegates to the convocation, but never fully committed to what the network is doing. Now with the Bishop gone to Rome, it is really up in the air. My guess is R.G. is no longer active in the network as a diocese.

  3. The_Elves says:

    Does anyone know if Bp. Adams (W. Kansas) will be attending? Obviously he’s in an odd situation as his diocese never affiliated. But he personally was affiliated with the Network if I understand correctly. It would be interesting to know if he plans continued involvement in the Network.


  4. PeterFrank says:

    Dan Reed’s comment pretty much sums it up.

  5. New Reformation Advocate says:

    I’m glad to see an effort to bring all the Network dioceses together again. It sure seemed that the Network had dwindled to just the bishops and dioceses following +Duncan’s lead into the CCP, i.e., the outside strategy. It would be quite amazing, and very encouraging, if the rest of the former Network dioceses following the “inside” strategy heed this call to meet and discuss future plans.

    David Handy+