From AP: Canadian Anglicans to vote on blessing gay couples; church to choose new national leader

Most of the world’s Anglicans are theological conservatives who believe [noncelibate] gay relationships violate Scripture. More liberal Anglicans emphasize social justice teachings in the Bible, leading them to support full acceptance of same-sex couples.

“We recognize we’re at a crossroads for the church,” said Rev. Canon Charlie Masters, head of the conservative Canadian group Anglican Essentials. “But the way to help this is to align ourselves with what the bible says, not what society says.”

Chris Ambidge, who leads the Toronto chapter of Integrity Canada, an Anglican gay advocacy group, argued that gays have been allowed to marry in Canada for four years “and the sun has come up bang on time every morning since then.”

“Canadians as a whole are prepared to live with it. Why can’t the Anglican church?” Ambidge said. “We need to progress if we’re going to remain relevant.”

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5 comments on “From AP: Canadian Anglicans to vote on blessing gay couples; church to choose new national leader

  1. Larry Morse says:

    We havve heard this proposition over and over: Homosexuals have married and the sky hasn’t fallen.
    This is so preposterous. The speaker is standing in the middle of a church on whom the sky is falling, and it is falling precisely because of homosexual marriage. It tearing the Anglican church apart not sufficient evidence that SSM has an effect? LM

  2. Mike Bertaut says:

    Most of the world’s Anglican’s are theological conservatives

    Oh my! Is this the first time these word’s have EVER appeared in print? To read every other news story you would SWEAR the conservatives are in the clear minority!

  3. Mike Bertaut says:

    Sorry, I’ve got to address one more thing:
    The whole “the sun came up bang on time every morning” thing…
    This is without a doubt the weakest argument for SSB I’ve heard yet. I could easily say on one particular day in 1945 the 5 millionth Jewish Prisoner was ushered into his death chamber, and undoubtedly the sun came up “bang on time” the next day.
    Has the LGBT full acceptance movement really got nothing better for us than this?

  4. Rolling Eyes says:

    “We need to progress if we’re going to remain relevant.”

    What a pathetic individual. We should pray that he wakes up and turns from the lies he’s fallen for!

  5. Deja Vu says:

    You told me not to and I did it anyway but the “sun has come up” and the “sky hasn’t fallen” so what don’t you just accept it?
    This logic clearly illustrates stunted maturity and disqualifies those who speak it from positions of responsibility and authority.