David G Mullan's Two Letters to Fred Hiltz

The collapse of authority goes further still. The bishops of the ACC, like those of the ECUSA, have utterly deconstructed their own authority. That authority is moral”“that is, it is based upon their fulfilment of a theologically-based mandate, that of the faithful acceptance and transmission of the authentic traditions of the Christian faith. By affirming homosexuality bishops have shown themselves unwilling to accept and assert this moral, i.e. theological, authority. Thus they can now look only to the canons”“I the bishop must be obeyed because that is what the rules, the legal mind, of the church demand. My imagination? Hardly. Look at New Westminster, Arizona, Connecticut, and elsewhere in the ECUSA. The Anglican church has now begun to persecute those folks who have been faithful supporters for decades and who will not follow a post-modern leadership into an abandonment of that which they have hitherto been led to regard as the truth”“and which the vast majority of Christians around the world, including most Anglicans, continue to regard as God’s will for humanity.

So it appears that anglophone, western, Anglicanism, has abandoned its three-legged stool, and has become a new form of Quakerism. By this I mean very simply that the authority of the Bible has now been abrogated by a new revelation which comes to us by way of what we feel. This is a very different church from that one which I thought I had joined, and I fear that another critic is correct when he states that apparently when ”˜radical’ Anglican bishops and their abbetors now speak, they speak of different gods. I am resolved to stay with the old one.

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2 comments on “David G Mullan's Two Letters to Fred Hiltz

  1. mugsie says:

    Wow! That is all I can say. David Mullan, I could have not said it better myself. Today is a very sad day for me. This very bishop you wrote to, who chose to ignore your pleas to him, has now been made primate of ACC. I am sad to say that I grew up in ACC. It made me the true Christian that I am. I feel like my heart has been truly broken today with this new primate in place. Clearly, the antichrist has a firm hold on ACC as it does on TEC. Well, like the Bible says, it’s a very narrow gate into the Kingdom. I pray for those lost souls who won’t be entering that gate. It seems ACC and TEC have lost sight of that narrow gate.

    I had been attending a parish of TEC until last fall. Once they consecrated KJS as their primate, who condones homosexuality as not sinful behavior, that was the last straw for me. I have seen even further evidence come from her own mouth since then that she is not even a Christian. She does not believe that Jesus is the way, the only way, to salvation. She feels there are “many paths to salvation”. That’s not what my Bible says!!!! Her activities and statements since her role as a primate has begun have only reaffirmed to me that I made the right decision. I was holding out for ACC, in the hopes that by some miracle they might be able to get back to a biblical position in their teachings. However, today I’m seeing actions towards a contrary route. That really saddens me. Yes, it appears to me that the antichrist has now gotten a firm grasp on ACC too. Lord Jesus, please protect us who are being kicked out of our churches. Please hold us tightly in your arms and help us remain strong in our faith in you. In your most Holy name I pray! Amen!

  2. Larry Morse says:

    Interesting. See his description of the “new” church and read my description of the new religion TEC is creating (on the entry re the TECpriest-Muslim) See how similar they are. Odd. But at least someone else sees what the real nature of the new religion is.