(Church Times) US TEC bishops seek to halt Prayer Book revision and deter more from departing

A compromise that would avoid making changes to the Prayer Book’s references to marriage has been proposed by bishops in the Episcopal Church of the United States, in an effort to avoid the departure of members who hold a traditional view, including immigrant and non-US Episcopalians.

The resolution, prepared for discussion at the 79th General Convention, due to begin in Austin, Texas, yesterday, seeks to widen access to marriage in the eight dioceses where gender-neutral rites approved for trial use in 2015 have not been authorised by the bishop. It proposes that these bishops provide “delegated episcopal pastoral oversight” to their congregations, on request.

Unlike the resolution put forward by the Task Force on the Study of Marriage, however, it does not propose any changes to the Prayer Book (News, 25 August 2017).

“While the great majority of Episcopalians celebrate the gains that have been made in our Church for LGBTQ+ persons, many of us also regret the schism, division, and departure of members who have faithfully served our Church for many years,” the proposing Bishops, of Long Island, Pittsburgh and Rhode Island (all of whom have authorised use of the rites), wrote.

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3 comments on “(Church Times) US TEC bishops seek to halt Prayer Book revision and deter more from departing

  1. APB says:

    One of the best, and most heartrending, sources on this is +Martins of Springfield. He has reactivated his old blog for daily reports.


    Under ++Curry, there is a slight chance that TEC might chose to be gracious about this for a few more years until attrition claims the remaining orthodox, but the revisionist absolutists will not be easily placated.

  2. Br. Michael says:

    BCP revision is the honest choice. It brings TEC official doctrine into line with its current heretical practices. My hope is that they will revise the prayer book.

    • Fr. Dale says:

      The 1979 BCP was designed to be transitional. It is foundational to the Communion Partners and a millstone to the Progressives. Agreed.