For the record: AAC Statements on bishops-elect

There have been so many statements about the various newly-elected bishops that they all seem to merge together. For the record, here are two new AAC statements of support:

AAC Supports Kenya’s Appointment of U.S.-based Bishop
AAC Enthusiastically Supports Ugandan Appointment of U.S.-based Bishops

And please, before some wag starts in trying to compare the level of enthusiasm in those two headlines, the first line of the Kenya statement says: The American Anglican Council (AAC) fervently applauds the sound decision by Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi of the Anglican Province of Kenya in appointing a suffragan bishop…
So we can assure you. The support is enthusiastic for both actions. 😉


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5 comments on “For the record: AAC Statements on bishops-elect

  1. Larry Morse says:

    Do all hese appointments mean – or virtually guarantee – that it will be impossible to create a theological omnium gatherum that will put all the Anglican groups in America into a single organization? LM

  2. Grandmother says:

    Why would it be “impossible”.. ALL, of the archbishops have stated many times, they would “give up” their oversight, WHEN there is a “safe place” for the orthodox.

    Because we don’t “know the plan” (haven’t for a long time) it beginning to look highly likely that these folk have every intention of “coming together”, whether it be under the umbrella of Common Cause, or the Network, or whatever. I don’t imagine that is down on paper yet, but I’d be the blocks are falling into place.

    Dear Father, sooner rather than later. AMEN

  3. Larry Morse says:

    Impossible because the African dioceses will hesitate to give up territory each has gained here, partly because power is power, partly because they will have tapped very deep pockets, and partly because many an American diocese will see the constant and radical instability in Africa as institutionally undesirable. LM

  4. Ruth Ann says:

    No. 3, you are totally off the mark with your remarks about the Africans, and time will tell you just that. I know for a fact that in many, many cases their help was requested from here and not sought after from there. I don’t think there is any power or money involved. In fact, they have lost money by offering, and helping. There may be some instability in African politics, but I don’t see it, generally, in the Anglican churches of the provinces that are offering their help. As a member of a church under the Anglican Church of Kenya, I have heard it straight from AB Nzimbi, that this is TEMPORARY help until the orthodox in North Amerca are on their own, and out from under TEC/ECUSA.

  5. dmitri says:

    Ruth Ann
    I hope your new affiliation will continue to be all that you hope for and need. The American Kenyan churches may be only temporaily under AB Nzimbi but I do not think the AMiA churches are going to give up their relationship to Rwanda, do you? I also wonder where the FIFNA churches will find an Anglican place guaranteed free of women priests world without end. I don’t see how they can remain in the AC at all unless the AC is reconstituted as a loose federation with multiple “in and out of communion” lines of relationship, which I think is where we are heading.