The Statement of Faith from Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona

4. Image: God Loves
We believe that in love God created the first human beings, Adam and Eve, as male and female, equal in dignity, value, and worth, in order to mirror and reflect God as an act of worship and obedience. We believe that human beings, as God’s sole image bearers, are under God and over lower creation, not to be pulled up like gods or pushed down like animals.(8) We believe that human life begins at conception and that an unborn baby is an image-bearer of God.(9) We believe that God created marriage solely for one man and one woman, and created sex only for married couples.(10) Because God created human life and marriage, we value the sanctity of life and godly marriage….

13. Kingdom: God Reigns
We believe that God created humans with a spirit and body tightly joined together.(35) Death is not normal or natural, but an enemy, the consequence of sin.(36) Death is the tearing apart of these two intertwined parts and the cessation of life on this earth. The body goes to the grave and the spirit goes to face judgment before God.(37) Upon Jesus’ second coming, there will be a bodily resurrection for everyone, to either eternal salvation or condemnation.(38) The time between Jesus’ resurrection and our resurrection is a lengthy ministry season of love, grace, and mercy as news of the gospel goes forth, inviting sinners to repent of sin and enjoy the present and future salvation of Jesus Christ.(39) Because our eternal home is in the Kingdom of God, as we journey home our mission is to joyfully invite others to join us while we throw parties, have fun, and make friends to practice for eternity.

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