The Rev. Gary Beson’s Farewell letter to the parish of St. Timothy’s, Cane Bay, in the Diocese of South Carolina

Dear Family and Friends of St. Timothy’s Church,

At last Saturday night’s worship Sue and I announced that we had been called to Prince George Winyah Church in Georgetown, SC . Like the last time I wrote to you all, it was a night I will never forget. I can’t express how emotional I felt to tell you we were called out of your livesand I could feel the shock, pain and grief as soon as the words left my lips.

I have been in the congregation when my friend and beloved priest told our church that he and his wife were stepping down. I wanted to stand up and cry “no, don’t leave us, it was just starting to get beautiful, wonderful and life-giving.” He assured us then, like I tried last
Saturday, that “our times are in God’s hands” Psalm 31:15

Those words of scripture gave me some comfort then as I pray God’s words can give younow. I know His plans and His ways are rarely what I would have chosen, but I also know each time I have said, “yes Lord, I will go” he has taken me from one beautiful place to the next. He really is a lamp unto our feet and a sure and certain hope in times of trouble. He promises to never leave us or forsake us, for times such as these. Sue and I will be with you until 2/26/20….

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